Ethiopian real estate industry

House Flipping Story

                              FROM CAVE DRAWINGS TO CONDOS          House flipping has seen a surge in popularity in the past decade or so, but the practice of buying and reselling houses as an investment has been...

Diaspora, Housing & Bank Loan in Ethiopia

Housing is second essential human need, next to food and water. It is a social good, an asset which promotes individual and collective dignity, privacy and security.  Also, it is an important component of the economic and social development of the country. However, home ownership is the serious problem to most people due to low income and poor saving habit, amazing increase in land lease &...

African urban growth is expected to be massive

Real estate sector in Africa has been experimenting an impressive growth. On average, 10,000 accommodations miss each year in most of these countries, and despite some governmental endeavors, the shortfall is still important. According to several studies, African population is going to increase over threefold during the next 40 years. This demographic growth will inevitably go with a strong development...

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