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Buy or Rent Properties in Ethiopia

buy or rent properties in ethiopia Your friends, neighbors or relatives are buying homes. And you’re wondering if you should stop renting and buy a house too. Your dog wants a yard, your kids want a playground, and you wouldn’t mind a garage and an office. There’s only one problem: You aren’t sure you can afford it. Hold up! Deciding whether to rent or buy always comes down to what...

The Best Real Estates in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Metropolitan Real Estate Metropolitan is an established property development company focused on creating homes packed with functionality, convenience and comfort for today’s modern lifestyle seeker and savvy investor. With over 20 years of experience in the global real-estate, the company is responsible for more than 450 large-scale projects world-wide. Metropolitan Real Estate is...

10 Quick Tips About Real Estate

how to become a real-estate-agent Real estate prelicensing education prepares you to pass the licensing exam. However, it is light on information about how to be a successful real estate agent after you pass the exam. If you ask, your instructor will say you need to be skilled at marketing yourself, work hard, build a good book of business, network, and generate leads—all good advice. But, if you want...

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